Wild Rainbow

Wild Rainbow by Bern Sundell

Wild Rainbow is a celebration of all the sparkling colors seen on a spectacular rainbow trout. The head of the fish itself is the subject of this exploration of color in all its myriad facets. This painting simply must be viewed in person to fully appreciate its qualities.

Bern studies his fish closely when he catches them, taking note of every spot, speckle, and variation of patterns before he releases them. His paintings reflect this intense absorption in the details of trout.

This painting is 30″ wide by 24″ high created with acrylic paint on canvas and beautifully framed. This distinctive painting sold immediately.

River Warrior

River Warrior

River Warrior shows a rainbow trout preparing to take a Royal Wulff drifting on the water. The sparkling water and underwater rocks in this painting set the scene perfectly as the rainbow hovers in crystal clear water. The illusion is of actually wading in the river trying to catch this great fish. One can almost feel the current against one’s ankles when looking at the painting.

This painting is acrlic on canvas and measures 40″ wide by 30″ high and has been sold.

River King

River King by Bern Sundell

River King shows a huge rainbow trout head on a gold background. The fish looks wet indeed with the surface painted with a blue reflection on top of the fish. The colors of the rainbow trout include many delicate iridescent tones, which make a beautifully inviting painting.

This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 56″ wide by 44″ high with a painted gallery wrap edge. The original painting has been sold. For gifts or to enjoy in your own home, giclee prints of this painting are now available.

West Water

West Water by Bern Sundell

West Water is an underwater scene showing a rainbow and two brown trout competitively eyeing an alluring spruce fly cast by the hopeful angler. An old snag sits quietly in the background, peacefully ignoring the drama about to unfold.

Acrylic on canvas, this painting measure 30″ wide by 24″ high and sold before it was completed. Fortunately giclee prints of this painting are also available for gifts or to enjoy in your own home.

Backyard Trout

Backyard Trout by Bern Sundell

Leaping rainbows are the fisherman’s dream, surrounded by the snow capped mountains and the beautiful blue sky of an early summer day on the river. In this painting you can almost smell the willows in the air. The underwater portion completes the whole fly fishing environment, with a secret view of fish under the surface.

This dramatic large painting is 40″ wide by 64″ high, a special commission created to hang over a fireplace in a living room overlooking the Madison River in Montana.

For gifts or to enjoy in your own home, giclee prints of this painting are also available.