Silver Creek Brown

Silver Creek Brown by Bern Sundell

Silver Creek Brown presents a dramatically painted brown trout head in full spawning colors, vibrating with delightful colors and sparkles. This particular fish has double halos around the spots, markings of extra interest. The sky glistens blue on the wet surface of the fish, adding its own magic to the painting.

This painting is 40″ wide by 30″ high created with acrylic paint on canvas with painted gallery wrap edges so framing is optional. This distincticve painting has been sold.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Purple Haze shows the memories and dreams of fishing past and present. Against a backdrop of snow covered mountains, a gold rectangle floats, bearing a fisherman from the days when one kept the catch. A couple of old traditional wet flies are softly rendered on the right.

The bottom of the painting implies an underwater scene and a colorful brown trout floats in space. The geometric forms and their shadows create layers of space in the painting, powerfully accented by the dramatic full color Royal Wulff in the center.

This jewel of a painting is 30″ wide by 24″ high and has been sold. However, giclee prints can be ordered.

Madison Warrior Giclee

Madison Warrior by Bern Sundell

Bern Sundell”s giclee print of Madison Warrior is taken from the original acrylic on canvas painting of a great brown trout.

See Giclee Information.

Size A $85 each

Approx 13″x19″ paper Limited edition of 50

Size A With Mat $105.00

Size B $165 each

Approx. 17″x22″ paper Limited edition of 50

Size B With Mat $185.00

Varney Bridge Brown

Varney Bridge Brown by Bern Sundell

Varney Bridge Brown shows a splendid brown trout taking the stonefly nymph. He has not seen the prince nymph tied below the stonefly on the line.

The bridge abutments at Varney Bridge on the Madison River in Montana are known for producing excitingly large fish. Bern has caught his share of them, which is why he can render this painting in acrylic so well.

This painting measures 40″ wide by 30″ high and has been sold. Fortunately for gifts or to enjoy in your own home, giclee prints of this painting are still available.

West Water

West Water by Bern Sundell

West Water is an underwater scene showing a rainbow and two brown trout competitively eyeing an alluring spruce fly cast by the hopeful angler. An old snag sits quietly in the background, peacefully ignoring the drama about to unfold.

Acrylic on canvas, this painting measure 30″ wide by 24″ high and sold before it was completed. Fortunately giclee prints of this painting are also available for gifts or to enjoy in your own home.

Madison Warrior

Madison Warrior by Bern Sundell

Madison Warrior has the power and strength of a great predator brown trout, a male with the characteristic hooked jaw. Bern has a great love for the brown trout, especially in the fall when they become more colorful with spawning.

While this painting shows the formidable qualities of a big brown trout, the paint handling is an exultant celebration of the richness of color and detail brought to life on a grand scale. This painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 54″ wide by 34″ high with a painted gallery wrap edge so it can be hung without framing.

The original painting has been sold. For gifts or to enjoy in your own home, giclee prints of this painting are also available.